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Ready to expand your business?

So you’re ready to expand or renovate your business? A shopfitter can help bring your ideas to life, your shopfitter can take your project from concept to competition and although it is a complex process it can be broken down into the following phases:

Consider, Devise & Create

Let’s discuss what’s involved in each phase.

CONSIDER: A shopfitter will meet with the client (business owner) to assess the requirements based on the intended site and clients’ brief.

DEVISE: Having taken in the brief, budget and site requirements, the shopfitter will begin planning. This process may or may not include design, it will for sure include budget and time planning.

CREATE: Once all parties have agreed on the project particulars, the construction process begins and the renovation or expansion becomes a reality.

The appointment of a shopfitter to manage all three phases of expansion or renovation should be carefully considered. The project will impact your business and needs to be undertaken by someone you can trust. The relationship between business owner (the client) and the shopfitter is quite unique. Find someone you can trust, who has the experience to deliver the project professionally, and the service to engage with you every step of the way.

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