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What is an Interior Designer?

Interior designers formulate and specify building interiors of commercial and residential type. There is significance placed on spatial planning and place creation. This approach instigates and affects our response to working and living environments. Well considered design increases productivity, level of comfort and cost effectiveness.

Contrary to popular assumption, interior designers are not to be confused with interior decorators. Interior design skills extend past just furnishing and refinishing, through to application of surface materials and modification of interior structure of a building. The skills of interior designers fuse aesthetic and functional requirements, considering both the operational and ambient aspects of a space.

Interior designers will collaborate with other design disciplines.

Providing consultancy and working as part of a team with:

1. licensed builders/shopfitters,

2. cabinet makers,

3. other tradesmen and,

4. structural, acoustical and mechanical engineers.

As part of their services they are expected to:

1. undertake client briefs,

2. establish conceptual direction,

3. produce graphic communication,

4. maintain compliance knowledge of the NCC (National Construction Code) and applicable Australian Standards and guidelines and,

5. produce detailed construction documents.

This is considered a specialist profession that requires nationally recognised qualifications to practice.

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